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Occasionally Things Need Fixing

Don't worry though, you're in Hodgson Hands

At Hodgson Mazda, we're always looking to improve. We even have a word for it - Kaizen - a philosophy of continuous improvement.

Hodgson Mazda are the UK's NO1 (Newcastle) & NO2 (Gateshead) ‘Mazda Elite’ winning dealerships, something we’re extremely proud of. We pride ourselves on Award winning customer service in both Sales and in Servicing and we want our customers to have the very best care and attention possible.

Over time, we occasionally identify issues that could negatively impact your driving pleasure and take action to remedy this. These actions range from small updates or repairs as part of the service we offer, right up to Government sanctioned Recall Actions where an issue may have a safety related aspect. Unfortunately, if you have reached this page it could be that your vehicle needs some Hodgson T.L.C, of course completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Unsure About Your Vehicle

If you are unsure whether your vehicle is affected, please use this official GOV.UK website link to check your MOT and if there is an outstanding recall on your make and model.

Check with GOV.UK

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If you haven’t already you can book your appointment here at either our Newcastle / Gateshead dealership, whichever is most convenient for you.

We thank you for your time and we’re sorry for any inconvenience this work may cause.

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Reasons To Choose Hodgson Mazda Servicing For Your Mazda

  • Protect any existing warranties on your Mazda.
  • Service and Maintenance Plans are designed around your Mazda’s service schedule.
  • Expert advice – you’ll receive an honest appraisal that’s based on years of experience.
  • We’ll run the latest diagnostics software and follow the latest Mazda advice and training.
  • We stock Mazda Genuine Parts so we can ensure you get the best reliability and performance from your Mazda.These parts also come with their own Mazda warranty.
  • We’ll ensure your secure online Digital Service Record is updated. This digital replacement for the service booklet shows your service history with Mazda, helping protect your car’s value. You can access your Service Record via the My Mazda App.
  • Plus we can offer valuable advice such as who to call in the case of an accident

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Did you know?

You can choose a pay monthly service plan and you’ll gain all the advantages of expert care while benefiting from a longer-term payment schedule. The costs will be spread and you’ll still receive the focused and precise support of our Award winning Mazda-trained specialists.To find out about the service plans best suited to you, contact us today.

In fact, we have everything you need to keep your Mazda running like new in all conditions - From Winter Health Health Checks at £42.99 including a Winter Essentials kit & Summer Air Conditioning Checks to keep you comfortable.

Free Winter Essentials Kit Includes:

Winter Kit Bag (Mazda Branded) | Mazda De-Icer 500ml | Mazda Screen wash 1000ml | Foldable Shovel (Mazda branded) | 9 LED Metal Torch (Mazda branded) | Black Plastic Ice Scraper | Mazda Hi-Vis Jacket in bag


Does the winter season test your patience? With tricky road conditions and inclement weather ahead, at Hodgson Mazda we want to keep the joy of driving alive this winter.

To help you avoid delays we'll give your car a thorough inspection, covering everything from lights and steering, to wheels and brake discs. We'll also address some of the common challenges posed to your vehicle by the cold winter months - conducting a battery check and ensuring you have the right concentration of antifreeze to keep your engine running smoothly.

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  • Tyre Condition and pressure
  • Visual inspection of brake pads
  • Visual inspection of brake disks
  • Brake fluid levels 
  • Shock absorber
  • Battery Condition
  • Engine Oil Levels
  • Lights

  • Coolant levels and antifreeze strength
  • Condition of drive belt
  • Air-conditioning
  • Wiper blades
  • Visual body inspection
Mazda Gateshead Service Team
Mazda Newcastle Service Team